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Pro T-SQL 2005 Programmer’s Guide provides comprehensive and detailed coverage of all the major features and facilities of T-SQL for SQL Server 2005. It is designed for all users of T-SQL, database administrators, systems administrators, application developers, and end-users, who want to learn how to exploit the power of T-SQL. Whatever you need to do with T-SQL, you’ll find it described clearly here.

Stored procedures, triggers, and user-defined functions are only part of the story. Dynamic SQL, the new XML data type, and SQLCLR programming are also covered, as well as accessing SQL Server with ADO.NET. Exception handling and performance are fully covered, too. This book is truly a complete programmer’s guide to T-SQL and SQL Server 2005.

This book examines SQL Server 2005 T-SQL from a developer’s perspective. It covers a wide range of developer-specific topics in SQL Server 2005, from an introduction to new developer tools such as SQLCMD and SQL Server Management Studio to new T-SQL functionality such as the xml data type, XQuery support, and T-SQL encryption.

This book is designed so that you can either read it cover to cover, or you can use it as a reference guide to quickly locate just the information you need on any particular topic.

Chapter 01 - The Role of T-SQL
Chapter 02 - Tools of the Trade
Chapter 03 - T-SQL for SQL Server 2000 Programmers
Chapter 04 - Control-of-Flow and CASE Expressions
Chapter 05 - User-Defined Functions
Chapter 06 - Stored Procedures
Chapter 07 - Triggers
Chapter 08 - T-SQL Encryption
Chapter 09 - Error Handling and Debugging
Chapter 10 - Dynamic SQL
Chapter 11 - XML
Chapter 12 - XQuery and XPath
Chapter 13 - SQL Metadata
Chapter 14 - SQLCLR Programming
Chapter 15 - .NET Client Programming
Chapter 16 - HTTP Endpoints
Appendix A - T-SQL Keywords
Appendix B - XQuery Data Types
Appendix C - XQuery Terms
Appendix D - Selected T-SQL Source Code Listings
Appendix E - .NET Source Code Listings

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