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Did you know that Google Chrome could be conceived as keylogging your data? Well it could be, but the good news it isn't as bad as it sounds. It's not recording all your keystrokes, it doesn't record all the time and it only runs in Chrome.

How it works is like this. When you begin typing a search term into the Chrome Omnibox it sends the information you have entered up to the Google server where it uses its search technology to generate a set of results based on the supplied data. These results are then pushed back down to the Chrome Browser where they are displayed to the end user below the Omnibox in a drop down list style. This concept is called auto suggest.

The reason the term keylogging has been used is that it turns out the keypress (by the end user) triggers the send action to the Google server and therefore it makes for news if we scare people and say its a keylogger :). So, the next big thing is how do we turn off?

Incognito Mode

If you are using Chrome's Incognito mode then it automatically switches off the auto-suggest feature when the mode is enabled.

Normal Mode

For Normal mode you will need to undertake the following steps to turn of the Auto Suggest feature.

> Open Tools

> Select Options

> Click Basic

> Click Manage

> Open Search Engines

> Deselect the 'Use a suggestion service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar' checkbox.

Posted by Cyber Trunks


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