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It appears a legacy security flaw in the Apple WekKit software wasn't patched for the Google Chome release and it now officially the first security vulnerability in the showcase browser

Discovered by security Researcher Aviv Raff he found he could combine two previous known vulnerabilities to create an attack which could result in the launching of executables on the computer directly from the Chrome browser [...]

In the proof-of-concept published, Raff's code demonstrates how a hacker could use social engineering to trick the user ito performing the tasks required to download and install the software on their computer.

Sadly, whilst Apple patched this flaw in Safari 3.2.1 in its July release, it appears the news didn't funnel down to the Google browser development team who are using an older version of the webkit for the developments.

NOTE: This exploit isn't self firing. It relies on social engineering in order to execute. So, to ensure you are safe, READ all the alerts or confirmation dialogues you receive whilst browsing with Google Chrome and if it seems suspicious make sure you don't click "OK" and you should be fine.

Posted by Cyber Trunks


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