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A Buffer Overflow Study - Attacks and Defenses (2002)

Advanced Buffer Overflow Methods

Altering ARP Tables v1.00

Analysis of the WinZip Encryption Method

Attacking and Repairing the WinZip Encryption Scheme

Anti-honeypot technology

ARP Spoofing in switched LANs

Attacking WiFi with traffic injection - Cedric Blancher

Beyond stack smashing

Binary Protection Schemes - Andrew Griffiths

Blocking Skype Using Squid and OpenBSD

Buffer Overflow - hackaholic

Bypassing Windows Hardware-enforced DEP

Bypassing Windows heap protections

Concepts for the Stealth Windows Rootkit

Detecting Worm Propagation Using Traffic Concentration Analysis and
Inductive Learning

DNS Amplification Attacks

eEye Whitepaper_Generic Anti Exploitation Technology for Windows

egghunt shellcode

Exploiting Windows Device Drivers Whitepaper

Exploiting Freelist[0] on Mic*ft Windows XP SP2

Exploring Mic*ft Windows CE shellcode

Google Hacking for Penetration Tester (Syngress-2005)

Google Hacking BH_EU_05 - Johnny Long

Host Fingerprinting

HTTP Request Smuggling

ICMP attacks against TCP

IE file downloading security warnings bypass

Intro to shellcoding

Introduction to Reverse Engineering Win32 Applications

Kimmo Kasslin VB2005 proceedings

kmalloc exploitation

Lotus passwords disclosures

Lynn Cisco

Malicious SMTP-based Mass-Mailing Activity

Man In The Middle - MITM attacks

MetaSploit Beyond EIP BlacHat 2005

Moving towards the Artificial Hacker - Ashley Fox

Mic*ft Bug Paper

NetCat Swiss Army Knife

Post-exploitation on Windows using ActiveX Controls

Real Server Exploit Analysis

remote library injection

ret onto vsyscall

Return to libc

Savant Buffer Overflow tutorial

Shellcode advances

SIP Security

Smack The Stack

SMS analysis

Spyware Survival ToolKit

stack overflow win XP sp2

Stack Based Overflows Windows Part1

Stack Based Overflows Windows Part2

Stealing passwords via browser refresh

The Voyage To 0-Day Using the Metasploit Framework

The Basics of Shellcoding

unicode BoF

vmware machines detection

WarDriving and detecting wardrivers

whitepaper HTTP response

whitepaper shellcode

win32 shellcode

win32 simple shellcoding

Windows Access Control Demystified

Windows XP Security Guide

worm propagation

Writing Stack Based Overflows On Windows Examples

Writing Small Shellcode

x86-64 Buffer Overflow Exploits and the borrowed code chunks
exploitation technique

XSS attacks

XSS Attack FAQ


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