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Music in G talk
It's possible to broadcast music, MP3, etc.. through Google Talk.Unplug your microphone. Double click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner. This will open up "Volume Control". Select "Options" and then "Properties". Then check the button next to "Recording" then click OK. You may also have to change your setting under Mixer Device. Now the Recording Control screen should be up. On my computer I selected "Wave Out Mix". Click on the green phone in Google Talk and call your friend.

G talk secret
There are a few secret parameters you can add to Google Talk and make it function differently. Following is the list of parameters/nomutex: This allows you to open more than one instance of Google Talk/autostart: Starts on it's own./forcestart: It forces it to start no matter what option was set./factoryreset: set settings back to default./S upgrade: Used when upgrading Google Talk/register: This registers Google Talk in the registry, includig GMail Compose method./checkupdate: This keeps on checking for newer versions/plaintextauth: It makes use of plain authentication mechanism instead then Google's GAIA mechanism./nogaiaauth: This disables GAIA authentication method. The same as above./gaiaserver uses a different GAIA server to connect to Google Talk. Used for debug purposes only, there are no other known GAIA servers./mailto send an email with Gmail/diag: start Google Talk in diagnostic modeMost of them can be ued in the following wayRifgt- click on the desktop.
Select "New " >>>"Shortcut"Now browse through "My COMPUTER">>>"C:/">>>>"Program Files">>>>"Google">>"Google Talk">>>"Gtalk.exe"Now add the extention that you want.
eg:- "......../gtalk.exe"/log.

codes Chat Window:
8001 - Start Call
40081 - Start muting microphone
8007 - Stop muting microphone
8008 - Stop Call
8015 - Show Send File dialog
8003 - Email
8013 - Start Voicemail
8008 - Stop Voicemail
8010 - Go off the record (both on and off)
8017 - View past chats
8011 - Block/unblockMain Window:
40011 - Add Friend
40080 - Enable/Disable all notifications
40065 - Connection Monitor
40080 - Save all settings
40087 - Check for Updates Now
40088 - Inbox
40023 - About
40089 - Check Mail Now
40003 - Settings
40020 - Help
40088 - Email
40002 - Sign out
1404 - Voicemail
Change Language
To change the language of Google Talk you will need to:
1.Open resource hacker.
2.Choose the menu: file, open.
3.Open the file c:\program files\google\google talk\googletalk.exe.
4.Now you will see a treeview on the left.
5.Double click on dialog.
6.Double click on 130.
7.Click on 0.
8.You will see a window and a bunch of text like 'CONTROL "Password:", 1003, STATIC'...
9.Change the text to another language, for example: 'CONTROL "Wachtwoord:", 1003, STATIC'...
10.Click 'Compile Script'.
11.Do this for all the dialogs.
12.Double click on 'String Table' in the treeview.
13.Click on 36.
14.Click on 0.
15.You will see a bunch of text like '567, "encountered an internal error'...
16.Change the text to another language,
for example: '567, "er is een interne fout voorgekomen'...
17.Click 'Compile Script'.
18.Do this for all the string tables.
19.Make sure Google Talk is closed!!! and then click file, save.
20.When you reopen Google Talk it should now be in another language.

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