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Feng Shui is an ancient art of placement to bring balance and harmony to a physical space. The loose translation of Feng Shui is wind and water. Feng represents the wind that carries the chi (energy) throughout a space. Shui is the water that meanders underneath the earth transporting chi.

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7> Wind Chimes & Water Fountains: Favorite Feng Shui Objects and How to Use Them

Chi is the invisible energy that surrounds us. To most people this energy cannot be felt, seen, or heard but it influences all living things. Chi should flow effortlessly around physical structures to bring balance and harmony. Feng Shui was invented, thousands of years ago to ensure the flow of chi would bring positive vibrations not negative ones that could create discord and chaos.

Feng Shui has been around for thousand of years but only in the past twenty years has North America really taken notice of this ancient art of placement. Professor Lin Yun pioneered the Feng Shui movement in the West. He teaches Black Hat Sect Feng Shui.

Its main objective is to align your physical space with your personal life goals. Our homes are a reflection of our life. Feng Shui’s purpose is to change the physicalspace, to allow the individual to reach their goals.
The complete Feng Shui Collection: 7 most practical and popular e-book

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