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The Hacker Highschool project is the development of license-free, security and privacy awareness teaching materials and back-end support for teachers of elementary, junior high, and high school students.

Today's kids and teens are in a world with major communication and productivity channels open to them and they don't have the knowledge to defend themselves against the fraud, identity theft, privacy leaks and other attacks made against them just for using the Internet. This is the reason for Hacker Highschool.

In HHS, you will find lessons on utilizing Internet resources safely such as web privacy, chat protection, viruses and trojans (malware), and the over-all focus on how to recognize security problems on your computer. All lessons work with a free "live linux" CD which will boot off any PC with a CD-rom drive to perform the lessons. HHS is a great supplement to student course work or as part of after-school and club activities.

The HHS program is developed by ISECOM, a non-profit, open-source research group focused on security awareness and professional security development and accreditation.

A Table of contents & Glossary
Lesson 01 - Being a Hacker
Lesson 02 - Windows and Linux
Lesson 03 - Ports and Protocols
Lesson 04 - Services and Connections
Lesson 05 - System Identification
Lesson 06 - Malware (Viruses, Trojans, etc.)
Lesson 07 - Attack Analysis
Lesson 08 - Digital Forensics
Lesson 09 - E-mail Security and Privacy
Lesson 10 - Web Security and Privacy
Lesson 11 - Passwords
Lesson 12 - Internet Legalities and Ethics

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