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"A fantastic book for anyone looking to learn the tools and techniques needed to break in and stay in." --Bruce Potter, Founder, The Shmoo Group

"Very highly recommended whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in the security business." --Simple Nomad, Hacker
Table of contents

Part I: Introduction to Ethical Disclosure
Chapter 1. Ethics of Ethical Hacking
Chapter 2. Ethical Hacking and the Legal System
Chapter 3. Proper and Ethical Disclosure
Part II: Penetration Testing and Tools
Chapter 4. Using Metasploit
Chapter 5. Using the BackTrack LiveCD Linux Distribution
Part III: Exploits 101
Chapter 6. Programming Survival Skills
Chapter 7. Basic Linux Exploits
Chapter 8. Advanced Linux Exploits
Chapter 9. Shellcode Strategies
Chapter 10. Writing Linux Shellcode
Chapter 11. Basic Windows Exploits
Part IV: Vulnerability Analysis
Chapter 12. Passive Analysis
Chapter 13. Advanced Static Analysis with IDA Pro
Chapter 14. Advanced Reverse Engineering
Chapter 15. Client-Side Browser Exploits
Chapter 16. Exploiting Windows Access Control Model for Local Elevation of Privilege
Chapter 17. Intelligent Fuzzing with Sulley
Chapter 18. From Vulnerability to Exploit
Chapter 19. Closing the Holes: Mitigation
Part V: Malware Analysis
Chapter 20. Collecting Malware and Initial Analysis
Chapter 21. Hacking Malware

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