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The First Safest ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) Powered Tiny Kernel Based Web Browser Ever-Made in the World

What is xAurora ?
It is a fully featured Web Browser comes with Artificial Intelligent Threat Management Module.
This is the only Web Browser that runs @ CPU RING-0 (Kernel Mode) in the world. (Lowest Level)
xAurora is the only one that contains supreme web features such as MULTI-PROXY, BOUNCE PROXY, CHAIN-PROXY and REVERSE-PROXY, also it has MULTI-NETWORK and Pure Hardware Accelerations (Ported HAL)

It is a SWISS ARMY KNIFE for anyone who is ON-LINE.
Once xAurora is deployed, no need of having Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware or any other Intrusion Detection/Prevention System.
It is creating a TOTAL LOCKDOWN WEB FORTRESS in Windows and achieve MAXIMUM SECURITY
xAurora is very slim, and it has ultimate web surfing speed.
It Tweaks Windows TCP/IP Stack to achieve maximum performance.

This gigantic work is done by Dr. Sameera de Alwis.

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