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Actually in this tutorial I will not show you to hack paypal accounts or anything but I will show you how to get some things which we do not need to pay for this and we can easily get that things without purchase

So first of all I will let you know that it is not working with only Paypal but most of payment processor like egold,moneybooker and other countless...

Now to test this we are going to find one shoping cart script that have inbuilt problem and we can buy stuffs from the store which is using this script. Script name is "osCommerce"

to find stores which is using osCommerce we will use Google

Lets find some eBooks

Google DORK : ebooks + inurl:index.php?cPath=

Enter this in Google and you will have the list of sites whch is using this script

Now go to that sites and look at their product and look weather Format is Instant Download or what


To test this one Go to this site and add that products to your cart one bye one as many as you want and then go to checkout, They will ask you to register so register there fake account. and then Choose "Paypal" as payment method.

When you see paypal payment page then return this url like and you done. Scroll down and download your product

You can use that Google d0rk to find such sites whch are using this script. It will work even if there is another methods like egold or moneybooker.

Note : This tutorials is for educational purpose only, You must know what you are going to do with it.. This is 100% illegal.

Tested On:- ( clikim o world pay ) ( check 10 thousand item ) ( one dont need to hack its already hacked....
clik on check\money order)

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