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1.- Open the calculator and click on help > help topics. When the help window opens right next to where it says 'calculator' ( top left corner ) there is a ' ? ' symbol , right click on it and select jump to URL and put this;


and then click open. Magic the cmd opens automatically.
If your calculator is blocked you can do the same in any of the windows XP games;
- Free Cell.
- Hearts.
- Internet Backgammon.
- " " Checkers.
- " " Hearts.
- " " Reversi.
- " " Spades.
- Solitaire.
- Pinball.
- Minesweeper.
- Spider Solitaire.

I have tested it in all of them and it works. But I REPEAT THIS;

YOUR ADMINISTRATOR MIGHT BE AWARE OF THAT AND IT MIGHT NOT WORK ( not trying to yell to anybody just make it more clear )

2.- Using the same text as above ; file:///c:/windows/system32/cmd.exe
You can open Excel and create a HYPERLINK with the this text, click OK and then click in the link in the excel cell. Click OK in both windows that will pop up and the command prompt will open.
This thing only works with Microsoft Office, i have test it with Openoffice and it does not work

If you have other ideas on how to open it please feel free to reply to this post

Posted by Cyber Trunks


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