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For a wide variety of Web Programming, HTML, and JavaScript courses found in Computer Science, CIS, MIS, IT, Business, Engineering, and Continuing Education departments. Also appropriate for an introductory programming course (replacing traditional programming languages like C, C++ and Java) for schools wanting to integrate the Internet and World Wide Web into their curricula.

The revision of this groundbreaking book in the Deitels'How to Program series offers a thorough treatment of programming concepts, with programs that yield visible or audible results in Web pages and Web-based applications. The book discusses effective Web-page design, server- and client-side scripting, ActiveX® controls and the essentials of electronic commerce. Internet & World Wide Web How to Program also offers an alternative to traditional introductory programming courses. The fundamentals of programming no longer have to be taught in languages like C, C++ and Java. With Internet/Web markup languages (such as HTML, Dynamic HTML and XML) and scripting languages (such as JavaScript®, VBScript® and Perl/CGI), you can teach the fundamentals of programming “wrapped in the Web-page metaphor.”

Internet & World Wide Web How to Program, 2/E
Harvey M. Deitel, Deitel & Associates, Inc.
Paul J. Deitel, Deitel & Associates, Inc.
Tem Nieto, Deitel & Associates, Inc.

ISBN-10: 0130308978
ISBN-13: 9780130308979

Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright: 2002
Format: Paper; 1428 pp

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